Crackling fires on a cold winter’s eve is a special feeling unlike any other. Whether you are reading a book, connecting with family, or simply taking a nap, it is incredibly relaxing to behold. However, while fireplaces are lovely to have in a home, they also come at a risk. Fireplaces that become damaged can cause chimney fires, collapses, or other potentially life-threatening dangers. To avoid putting your home and family at stake, you must keep your fireplace in peak condition. To do this, you need to be able to recognize warning signs that you need a fireplace repair. We have compiled a list of the most common warning signs that could save you time, money, and hassle if repaired quickly.

8 Warning Signs:


1. Smoke in the Home

One of the easiest indicators that you need fireplace repairs is if your home gets smokey when you use the chimney. There could be various issues, such as the need for a good cleaning or an incorrect flue size.

2. The Smell of Gas

If you have a gas fireplace and smell gas, you may have a leak. Gas leaks are highly dangerous, and you should call a professional immediately if you think you have one.

3. Cracks in the Face

Cracks in the face of your fireplace may give it a well-loved look, but it can cause internal system issues.

4. Shaling

Shaling occurs when the chimney liner becomes damaged. Essentially, small bits of the chimney’s tiles pile up at the bottom of the fireplace.

5. White Stains

When moisture gets into the bricks’ mortar, it can push out salt from the masonry, leaving a chalky-looking powder on the fireplace. This is indicative of a leak.

6. Warped Wallpaper

You can also see excess moisture from a chimney if wallpaper close to the fireplace becomes warped or damaged.

7. Rusting

Yet another warning sign for moisture is rust. Rust can occur in or on your chimney. If you have rust in your firebox, damper, or elsewhere, it is in need of repair. Letting rust go for too long can cause other serious problems for the health of your fireplace.

8. Damaged Mortar Joints

Lastly, damaged motor joints can occur from excess exposure to moisture. If there are even the tiniest of cracks, moisture can get inside. Once moisture is inside, the cracks will grow larger, especially if the water freezes and thaws during winter. Letting this issue go unrepaired can cause the chimney to collapse.

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