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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Protection Plan

It is the recommendation of utilities and manufacturers to have regular preventative maintenance. The benefit of regularly scheduled preventative maintenance is that it prolongs equipment life, reduces the extent or frequency of failures, and helps contain fuel bills. A service agreement also gives you priority service over non-agreement customers should you experience a breakdown. Finally, you get peace of mind by having trained professionals check to make sure your home comfort appliances are safe to operate.
The following work is done on equipment listed below:
  • Check all Wiring & Connections, tighten as necessary
  • Check Heat Exchanger & Burners
  • Check Flue Draft & Piping
  • Check Gas Valve Operation
  • Check for Gas Leaks
  • Check Pilot, Ignition & Flame
  • Check Fan / Blower & Belts
  • Check all Safeties
  • Check Contactor & Relays
  • Check Operating Pressures & Temperatures
  • Inspect Condenser Coil
  • Change Standard Size Air Filter
    (16x20x1, 16x25x1, 20x20x1, 20x25x1)
  • Inspect & Flush Condensate Drains
  • Inspect Indoor Coil, if accessible
  • Check Thermostat
  • Make Necessary Recommendations

Terms & Conditions

A.) It is mutually agreed that this policy covers only electrically operated units inside the equipment and does not cover electrical or plumbing work beyond the units or work required due to the negligence of misuse of the equipment or because of winds, lightning, fire, flood, acts of God, sabotage or electrical, gas or water supply or damage caused by freezing, any consequential water damage, corrosive atmospheres, or circumstances beyond our control. This contract, its price, and performance are all subject to delays or inability to perform caused by or resulting from a scarcity of labor, materials or delays in transportation, or any cause beyond sellers’ control.

B.) This agreement covers the complete understanding between the parties and shall become a valid contract only when accepted by the Purchaser and subsequently approved by an officer of Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning. No verbal representations shall be binding on either party. Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning reserves the right to reject any policy if an inspection and/or 1st maintenance of each unit by our service technicians find the equipment is in such condition that service will be unsatisfactory to both parties. The equipment must be brought up to industry standards at the customer’s expense before acceptance of policy at the time of the 1st maintenance check.

C.) Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning shall not be responsible for pre-existing defects and design flaws of equipment and ductwork system, airflow, balancing, cleaning of ductwork, cleaning of flues, or performance in maintenance design conditions except through failure of equipment covered herein.

D.) All service (except “NO HEAT” emergency service) will be performed during regular working hours (Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) “No Heat” Emergency Service in winter will be taken until 10:00 p.m. and during weekends. Service rendered outside our regular working hours will be changed at normal overtime rates.

E.) It shall be at the discretion of Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning to repair or replace defective materials and parts. In the event any or all of the equipment is not, in our opinion, economically repairable. Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning will quote the replacement cost. Billable service work beyond the scope of this agreement that is not paid for by purchaser shall relieve the seller of the entire obligation of performance of this contract.

F.) The Customer cannot assign or transfer this agreement without the prior written consent of Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning. Any changes, alterations, additions, adjustments or repairs made by others, unless authorized or approved by Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning in writing, shall terminate our obligation hereunder and will release and terminate all obligations to the seller.

G.) Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning will not be required to finish without extra cost any items due to sound level, material, labor, or equipment which are recommended or required by local code regulations, insurance companies, government, state, municipal, or other authorities.

H.) Unnecessary or nuisance calls beyond the scope of this contract will be charged and paid by the purchaser at the prevailing service rates. Example: fuses, disconnects, manual reset switches, oil restarts, unrelated problems, improperly set or abused thermostats, exposed ductwork, etc.

I.) Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning will endeavor to render prompt and efficient service hereunder, but it is expressly agreed that Freon Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning shall in no event be liable for comfort or consequential damage (frozen pipes, water damage), damage or loss caused by delay or any loss arising out of the performance of this agreement. Universal parts used will be of comparable quality and specifications but not O.E.M.

J.) We cannot assume any liability for the unavailability of equipment, materials, and parts due to strikes, accidents, or delays beyond our control. In the event of delay, we will do our best to substitute any needed component, as specified with one of similar quality or better.

K.) This agreement does exclude any freight and/or special delivery charges.

L.) We do not assume responsibility of any secondary damages used by a warrantable defect, condensation or sheet metal corrosion (i.e. Condensate pans, cabinetry, etc.).

M.) Service Agreements that are renewed are subject to the current prevailing company policy and rules in effect for each succeeding policy period. This agreement will be automatically renewed yearly unless terminated by either party in writing within 15 days prior to the anniversary date of this agreement.

N.) This agreement is on an annual basis and will not be prorated under any circumstances.

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