My experience with this company was amazing. As bad luck would have it, my A/C went out in the middle of July when it was blazing hot and humid. It was 95 degrees in my townhouse and I called this company in the middle of the night to leave a message hoping they could come to my home ASAP on the next day. I called back the next morning in a complete panic and actually spoke with the owner of the company! The owner came to my house with his crew that same day. He was so knowledgeable and fixed the problem that day. He took so much time to explain what he was doing and why it was necessary. I felt very comfortable with him and knew he was honest. He replaced the cooling coil in my A/C unit and cleaned the outside unit. He did an excellent job, gave me a great price and I will definitely recommend him! I am a single mom who is always afraid I am getting taken advantage of by these kinds of businesses but I feel completely confident with Soto (the owner) and his crew. He is a very nice man and treats you like family. I would never hesitate to call him because he will do his best to fix your problem immediately! 

-D. Goodman

 This is a long review, but please read all of it. It's important. Let me start by saying before my project I had never heard of Freon Doctor. Before decided on Freon Doctor I met with and got quotes from close to 20 companies about my project. I am building an addition on my house doubling the square footage, and with a vaulted space just to make it more difficult. The existing house was two stories with the furnace in the basement (heat pump outside) and floor vents throughout. Freon Doctor installed a second zone with a new furnace in the attic (second heat pump outside) to serve the entire (new and existing) second floor, and reconfigured the existing zone to serve the entire (new and existing) first floor. They moved all of the second floor vents from the floor to the ceiling, removed and capped the obsolete vent lines at the trunk, ran new returns for the second floor to the new furnace in the attic, moved existing second floor returns to the first floor, and ran new floor vents for the addition to the existing zone.

I hired Freon Doctor directly, so I was coordinating the schedule between them and the GCs. With everything that's gone wrong with the project (I fired the first GC), Freon Doctor has done everything right. They have been the best part of this project. Everyone I worked with at Freon Doctor was amazing, from the owner of the company to the crew leaders, to the workers. Their focus was always on doing it right, but they were also very accommodating when my wife or I wanted something specific. The crew leaders were extremely knowledgeable about best practices and how to design the ductwork. They fixed work that was done incorrectly by the (first) GC. They divided the project into as many visits as I needed to allow the work to get done when the builders were ready for it. I think they ended up coming out at 6 or 7 different times over 5 months, and they were always prompt in responding to my requests to continue the work, showing up the day I called or the next day.

They used the brand of equipment I wanted and didn't try to up sell me on a larger system or another brand. The price they quoted in the beginning is the price I paid, and even though I think the project was more involved than they anticipated, there were no change orders.

They are honest, fair, and hard working, and I will never use another HVAC company. 

-M. Aron

 The supplier was called and promptly responded with a visit to the location. He diagnosed the situation and provided us with a quote at that time. Upon agreement to price, the supplier promptly ordered the equipment and the install went flawlessly. There were no issues with the install and they even changed some air returns for us. 

-J. Brown

 After purchasing a vacation home in Mineral, VA, I found the home had a very old central HVAC and an under-performing auxiliary system on the 2nd floor. Heeding the recommendation of my realtor, I called Freon Doctor. They responded immediately. For a very fair price, the next day I had a new central HVAC system and a properly functioning auxiliary unit. I was so pleased with their service that I have them under contract for the annual maintenance of the two systems in Mineral and the two systems in my main home in Alexandria. 

-H. Rust

 Really fair. Really personable. Really reliable and prompt. Most importantly, they are outstanding AC&R technicians who diagnose and service problems first time, every time. They also did an outstanding job of installing two new heat pump units at my house. Backed up the installation with outstanding response to a part failure that was under warranty. You won't lose if you chose these folks for your AC&R needs. 

-R. Hooper

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